Cel care închide noaptea (JUAN MANUEL SCARILLI)

În data de 19 aprilie 2015, în cadrul FEST-FDR, s-a jucat la Timișoara spectacolul “Cel care închide noaptea” de Nona Ciobanu în interpretarea Teatrului Maghiar din Cluj. Un spectacol pe care îl putem vedea acum prin ochii lui Juan, un argentinian de 23 de ani ajuns la Timișoara pentru o scurtă perioadă în cadrul unei călătorii mai ample în jurul lumii.(Fotografii: Adrian Pîclișan / TNTm)

Cel ce închide noaptea08_resize   Cel ce închide noaptea07_resize

Intense. That’s the first word that comes to my mind when I think of the play. A strong piece of theatre, with a stellar performance of its two main and only characters.

Him, a Nazi devoted to the Third Reich’s outrages, but in love – and even obsessed I would say – with Her, whom he has known since she was 16. Her, escaping from her nowadays husband, in love and obsessed with Him, in spite of the cruel and brutal reality surrounding her beloved man.

Cel ce închide noaptea06_resize   Cel ce închide noaptea05_resize

They both have an unhealthy symbiotic relationship. Violent from time to time. It’s said that from love to hate there’s only one step. So then it is here that it comes into evidence the high-quality performance of the actors, who have been able to bring this up into the action scene, without mentioning it.

Cel ce închide noaptea04_resize   Cel ce închide noaptea03_resize

They fight and they hug. They kiss and they punch each other. They whisper and they scream. They laugh and cry, shaking in desperation, but they calm each other down with the most tender caress. It’s a constant give-and-take which, until you get to know the story behind each character, makes it difficult to reveal the true content behind their words, and the essence under their actions.

“An image is worth a thousand words”. And it’s like this really. When gestures speak, words are needless.  So you don’t need to know Hungarian – and I would dare say, not even English or Romanian – to understand what is going on in this astonishing staging.

As I said, intense. Because of the shouts and the moans, because of the how to deal with each other and how they abuse of each other, followed by the most passionate kiss that dislocates even the coldest spectator. But their actions are not random. Everything has a leitmotiv in the behavior of this two people, sane in their madness.

Cel ce închide noaptea02_resize   Cel ce închide noaptea01_resize

Even if he tries to protect her, the Nazis know that she knows. Even if she tries to forgive him, he cannot deny or change having been part (and still be one) of that sick regime. And in this is that the play takes place, not giving time even for blinking, having you petrified in your seat and awaiting to see what is going happen next between them. Because everything seems possible.

Brilliant performances, from my point of view, bringing back to present stories that are far away from being just fiction. And the fact that the whole auditorium of the National Theatre of Timisoara ended standing up clapping their hands to the actors confirmed that I was not the only one appreciating it that way.


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